GST Billing Software with Auditing Reports

Simple GST Billing software Chennai Trichy Musiri | Tamil POS billing software in Musiri trichy

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After indian government moved to GST it is hard to make sales bill with GST. Also preparing reports for auditing and income tax is difficult task. We are providing better and easy solution for this gst problem. It is a desktop application, it have multiple customized versions according to customer’s requirement. Basic features are, stock, sales, purchase entry and generate running bills as a POS. Basic inventory reports as well as collections reports. Sales Tax reports, consolidated TAx report for month wise also there.

It have,

1). Items Master
2). Purchase Entry.
3). Purchase Report
4). Sales Billng.
5). Sales Report.
6). Monthly sales Tax Report.
7). Date to Date Sales TAX Reports.
8). Stock Alter.
9). Stock Report.
10). DB Backup
11). Manage Multiple company accounts with a single software. 12). Export to excel option.

Our Pricing starts from 8,000 Rs.

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